VolunteerMatch Ghana Program Reviews

  • Josh Fowley (United Kingdom)

    Working for the Daily Guide newspaper in Ghana has given me an experience of a busy newsroom, the skills to cope with deadlines and exacting editors, and the chance to experience life at the heart of Accra. As alive, bustling and lively as Accra was, I equally enjoyed our weekend trips away too. There were just so many fun-packed times: standing under a waterfall pounding down on you, the canopy walk at Kakum National and Mole national park.

  • Julia Fruhwirth (Austria)

    The best thing was knowing another culture and living one month there to see it well. Also I've loved met new people, volunteers and local people.

  • Katherin Little (U.S.A)

    Volunteering in Ghana with VolunteerMatch Ghana is one of the most enjoying and interesting thing I have ever done. It was such an amazing experience which was made by actually living the Ghanaian way of life with a host family. I was able to really ‘see’ their culture, meet and understand some incredibly wonderful people, who I hope will be friends for life.

  • Michelle Spratt (United Kingdom)

    I volunteered at a school in Ghana called Vivibon school. Being in a wheelchair, I was worried how I would manage and how people would react to me. The staff of VolunteerMatch Ghana were really helpful and the children loved pushing me in my wheel chair. I stayed with a host family

  • Sadie Cole (United Kingdom)

    I enjoyed my working very much and it made me rich on experience as the children were very happy about my efforts. Yes the children were very happy about my efforts.

  • Sophie Cole (United Kingdom)

    On thinking as to how I could sum up my Ghana experience best, I'm simply lost for words. Since I've been back of course there has been the inevitable questions asked of 'how was it?', 'what was your favourite bit?' or 'what did you enjoy the most?' Ultimately I feel that whatever reply I manage to respond with, just doesn't come close to doing it justice. All I can say is: travel, volunteer and visit Ghana! Sounds cliché, but you'll love every minute of it especially with VolunteerMatch Ghana.

  • Simon Aistleitner (Australia)

    It is a worthwhile experience doing something like this, and if you come with an open mind and positive attitude it’ll be some of the best money you’ll ever spend. Whiles in Ghana, I was a volunteer coach with a football team in Ghana called Danbort FC. I assisted in coaching and also helped trained the players during training sessions. Volunteer now and you will not regret.