Why Pay to Volunteer Abroad?

The thought of paying a certain amount in order to volunteer abroad would strike anyone. However, if one digs into the matter, he/she will easily understand why it is necessary to pay. A volunteer trip has several costs associated with it - which the concerned organization has to effectively manage.

VolunteerMatch Ghana is not supported by any government funding and runs entirely from the fee that volunteers pay to take part in the volunteering programs.

The money paid by the volunteers include everything starting from their airport pickup, transport, accommodation, meals and other inclusions as mentioned in the program details. A certain amount from that cost is spent on the project development and also to cover the administrative costs.

Administration includes the following: 

- Advertising Online/Offline 
 - Salaries for staff 
 - Community financial help
 - Communication with volunteers and partners, by phone/email etc. 
 - Website maintenance. 
 - Bank Transfer charges 
 - Maintenance of offices, volunteer houses etc 
 - Staff recruitment 
 - Volunteer recruitment 
 - Maintaining office and other expenses