Why Pay to Volunteer Abroad?

Most people are surprised to hear that why they would have to pay to volunteer abroad. What they often do not realize is that there are significant administrative costs involved to arrange for a worthwhile volunteer abroad placement.


VolunteerMatch Ghana is not supported by any government funding and runs its programs entirely from the fee that volunteers pay to take part in the volunteer programs. People often ask why they should have to pay for the opportunity to help others.


You are in fact not paying to undertake voluntary work, you are paying for VolunteerMatch Ghana and our Project Partners to provide a framework for a safe, meaningful and structured program. There are costs involved in hosting our volunteers, from costs like 24 hour volunteer support, administration and communication costs, financial protection of your money, program inspections, transport, accommodation and meals, staff support and upkeep of facilities to mention a few.


All of our gap year placement programs have been formulated with the assistance of the VolunteerMatch Ghana team, to give you the best possible experience, wherever you may go. All projects are run by specialists in their field who are specifically trained to impart their skills and experience.


While the success of any volunteering operation depends the presence of committed volunteers, our vital conservation and development work cannot be effectively achieved without expertise plus financial and administrative support. Volunteer fees are essential to help continue project work during quiet seasons when there is typically less volunteer support.


At VolunteerMatch Ghana one of our primary values is transparent volunteer fees, and the use of these fees towards providing structured volunteering experiences that actually make a difference. .