Why Choose VolunteerMatch Ghana?

This is an obvious question, and almost every person who decides to travel abroad to volunteer faces the trouble of choosing one organization through which they can fulfill their dreams. Being in the field for a decade, VolunteerMatch Ghana is definitely the best option to choose for your volunteer travel experience. But if you still need the reasons to convince yourself, then we shall try to explain why we are better than any other volunteer placement organization.

A Plethora of Destinations and Programs

VolunteerMatch Ghana is currently working in 6 regions within Ghana. Not only that, each region has several programs from which you can choose any, that fits your preference. With more than 15 program options, VMG is aiming to make a larger social impact with the support of the volunteers.

Flexibility Regarding the Choice of Programs

The volunteer’s choice is the ultimate, and we try to mould our program plans as per the preference. Volunteers can choose their travel dates, and have the full freedom to change the dates (but in that case, we have to be informed beforehand). Couples and families traveling together to volunteer are accommodated in the same place, and it is ensured that their working hours also get synchronized.

Easily Affordable Costs

Our programs starts for a cost of $150 which includes all the basic benefits that are required. Since most of our volunteers are teenagers (students from high schools, colleges) and youth travellers, we have tried to keep the cost as low as possible. The money you pay includes everything from airport pickup at your placement destination, accommodation (on a sharing basis) and meals.

Safety and Security of the Volunteers

We ensure that all our volunteers are safe and secure in the regions they travel to. VolunteerMatch Ghana has safe volunteer houses, dedicated coordinators, tie-up with recognized staffs and social welfare organizations. We keep our international volunteers updated with every necessary information, and also guide them to have a hassle free travel experience.

24*7 Support by the Team

We have dedicated coordinators in each of our regions, who try their best to guide and help the volunteers in every possible way, in order to make the journey smooth and memorable. We stay connected with our volunteers through emails, social media, volunteer community, phones etc. So, right from choosing your volunteer program to landing at the volunteer destination till leaving the place after the bout - we take care of you throughout your journey.

An Absolute Altruistic Approach

The ultimate goal of the entire journey is to contribute something towards the society, and to ensure a better life for the underprivileged. VMG aims to bridge the gap with the help of the participating volunteers. The skills and knowledge of the volunteers help the host communities to move towards sustainable development, and feel connected to the world at large. A certain portion of the money paid by the volunteers goes directly to the host communities.

Networking with People from all over the World

We have volunteers from different parts of the world, going to several new regions in Ghana. Being a VMG volunteer, you’ll not only get to closely connect with the locals of your placement destination, but also make friends with like-minded people from other countries and know more about different cultures and customs. VolunteerMatch Ghana provides excellent networking and connecting opportunities to its volunteers.

An Experience of a Lifetime

Every journey turns into a memorable experience, and every person we meet on the way adds something to our journey. Whenever we return back, we are never the same person who left from home. VMG would make sure that your journey abroad turns out to be one of the best chapters of your life.

Because many have chosen us in the past

We have had more than 1K volunteers in the past, and they have had incredible experiences during their volunteer trip abroad. Many of them joined us for different programs, and successfully completed each of the projects with similar patience and perseverance.