Community Development Program

Volunteers working in the Community Development Project work in village communities located 15-20 kms outside the city of Tamale. Our volunteers have been working with the local villagers in schools as well as construction activities over the last few years and have made a valuable contribution to their lives.

As an VolunteerMatch Ghana Community Development volunteer, you’ll be empowering local communities through a variety of initiatives. You'll have the choice of working across various comunities in Tamale-Ghana, with volunteer placements in women’s education, immersion programs, food rescue, youth support, rural community development and HIV/AIDS support and Women micro financing.

On weekday mornings, volunteers work in the Girl's Education Project or in local schools in the village. Volunteers assist the Ghanaian teachers by working with small groups of students on their English and math skills. Those volunteers who are willing to do some physical work can also assist in the construction project for the school building. Volunteers work along with local villagers and can do the painting or renovation work in the school building.

In the afternoons, volunteers can remain at the vocational school OR work with one of the other available programs. The aim of the Heath education program is to educate villagers about preventing diseases, especially for children, including prevention, symptoms, and treatment. Volunteers will work with some local people to help them translate the language for them..

Living and Other Arrangements

VolunteerMatch Ghana strives to provide best of the living and other arrangements to its volunteers. Like we keep saying, just pack your bags and arrive at your placement destination. From your airport pickup, stay, meals, weekend tours and other nitty gritties, VolunteerMatch Ghana manages everything for you.

Airport Receive/ Transfer

You will be met by our representative at Kotoka International Airport in Accra from where you are transferred to your project location. Volunteers will stay overnight in Accra at VolunteerMatch Ghana homestay.


Volunteers will be staying with VolunteerMatch Ghana homestay. Accommodation is either provided in an individual or shared room along with other volunteers. By staying with a VolunteerMatch Ghana homestay you will experience the local Ghanaian culture, language customs and traditions.

A half day orientation will be provided by your local coordinator. Areas like culture, safety, locations, transportation are covered in the Orientation. After your orientation is over, you will be introduced to your project.

Volunteers are provided with 2 meals (breakfast and dinner) at VMG House. Ghanaian cuisine consists primarily of starches, soups, beans, meat and fish. The Starches consist mainly of rice and doughy balls made from mashed cassava, plantain or yams.

Accra - Ghana Program Requirements

  • Volunteers must be 16 years or older at the time of joining the project. Medical Program volunteers must be at least 17 at the time of joining.
  • Medical program is is available for Pre-Medical students; medical and nursing students can apply.
  • Keep a flexible attitude towards working in a new and different environment.
  • The volunteer should bring energy and enthusiasm to make a difference.
  • Volunteers must be in good health

Start Dates / Arrival Dates

Volunteers can begin their project placement on any Saturday of the month. Volunteers need to book their flights to arrive on the dates mentioned below.

Jun 25
Jul 09, 23
Aug 06
Ghana Program Cost

VolunteerMatch Ghana strives hard to keep costs low and offers one of the most affordable volunteer abroad programs. Compare our prices and services to other organizations and you would be surprised to see the difference.

2-4 weeks$800£603.68$1055.13€681.46
Extra week $200£150.96$263.88€170.37
  • Comprehensive pre-departure guide
  • Assistance from support staff and In-country program coordinator
  • Airport pickup from Kotoka international airport in Accra 
  • Pre-Program accommodation in Accra in a hotel
  • Pickup from Tamale airport and transfer to accommodation
  • Familiarization tour in Tamale and program orientation
  • Accommodation in volunteer house/hostel
  • 2 meals a day during volunteering period
  • Volunteering in or around Tamale
  • Trip to traditional Ghanaian village and various activities 
  • Trip to Mole National Park
  • Visit to Boabeng Fiema Monkey Sanctuary
What's NOT Included?
  • International/Domestic Airfare
  • Visa fees 
  • Travel insurance (available at nominal cost)
  • Local transportation to and fro program location
  • Departure transfer to airport (can be arranged at additional cost)
  • Vaccinations
  • Any personal expenses, TIPS, extra meals, beverages, laundry and any other services which are not mentioned (approximate personal expenses for food and traveling per week would be USD 40 to USD 50 per week)

What is the support like overseas?

We have full-time trained English-speaking staff. It is their job to set up placements, check out your accommodation, meet you at the airport and provide you with any support you need should any problems occur. They won't try to nanny you - but they will always be there, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We will also supervise at your place of work from time to time. If you have difficulty teaching in class, if you really want to gain extra experience in a certain area of medicine - or whatever the problem or request may be - someone will be on hand to give you help and advice.

Will I be met at the airport?

Volunteers are met at the airport. What ever time you arrive, our staff will be at the arrival hall to meet you. There will be a card on which your name will be boldly written. Just watch out for that card at the arrival hall outside the airport

What if I am ill?

If you are ill , VolunteerMatch Ghana staff knows where the best medical care can be found. You will receive information on this during your induction when you first arrive, and of course you can reach our staff by phone 24 hours a day if you fall ill.

Can I extend my stay while overseas?

Yes. Depending on visa requirements and flight restrictions. This gives added flexibility. If you want to extend your placement, just talk to our staff.

Will there be an opportunity to travel when I'm there?

You will have weekends free. Volunteers often take this opportunity to go on trips to local places of interest. Many volunteers travel extensively after the end of their placements, often forming small groups with other volunteers. Volunteers may even travel up to Timbuktu, neighbouring countries and places of tourism.

Will I be on my own or are there going to be other volunteers in the same area as me?

You will be located close to other volunteers so that, if you want to, you can meet, exchange ideas and stories, socialise and go on trips with others. Volunteers usually make good friends with each other and often decide to go traveling together after their placements.

You will never be isolated. You may even be placed in the same accommodation or workplace as one or two other volunteers. Although we cannot guarantee to meet all requests, please let us know if you have a preference regarding this.

Where do I stay? Who do I stay with?

Most volunteers stay with local host families. This provides you with an insight into the local culture and helps with learning the local language. It also acts as an additional support network. You must not expect western standards but the accommodation is good by local standards. Although we cannot guarantee to meet all requests, please let us know if you have a preference regarding this, or the type of area where you would like to stay.

Will I have a room to myself?

Rooms are shared but it is likely you can have a room to yourself depending on the kind of project and time of arrival. When you want room to yourself at a time when you cant, let us know but that costs extra.

What's the best way to keep in touch with home while I'm away?

All of our placements have access to Internet cafes, though if you are placed in a rural area you may have to wait until you go into town to use them. Generally, you should only use your host family's phone in emergencies, except to receive calls, so generally the Internet is the best way to contact people at home. There are also public phones or communications centres near almost all our placements - these are perfect for local calls to other volunteers, general questions to our local staff or the occasional more expensive call home.

Who will I be helping?

You will be helping our partner organizations and the communities with which they work. Your assistance will benefit local communities who have little as compared to those in the big cities. And most importantly, the people,and the community iniatives aided by our projects will positively benefit from your work.

May I go to more than one project location?

Yes. Spending time in more than one region can expose you to different languages, projects, and cultures. Volunteermatchghana staff can recommend projects to combine and help you arrange a Combination Project Package.

What would happen if I decided not to stay for the entire duration of the program?

Once the volunteer makes a decision and pays for the program fee, upon receipt of invoice, volunteermatchghana will not refund any program fee under any circumstances.
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