Family Volunteering Opportunities Abroad

Many people who volunteered abroad with their family describe VolunteerMatch Ghana as a unique opportunity to bond together in an experience that combines travel, volunteering, and immersion in another culture.

The VMG volunteer experience offers peace of mind for families volunteering, from extensive pre-departure support to all of your daily needs in-country; including lodging, all meals.

No matter which volunteer opportunity you use we have a knowledgeable and professional staff to support you and your family.Volunteering abroad in a VolunteerMatch Ghana program can be life changing for all who experience it, but perhaps this is even truer for families volunteering with young ones who are just starting to form their views of the world.

We welcome the opportunity to help your children and teenagers experience other cultures and participate in meaningful volunteer work. For families wanting to volunteer in Africa program site, please note that all participants must be either under 18 with a parent/guardian, or 21 years of age or older.

This program provides the greatest flexibility for families volunteering in Ghana to choose from, start dates year-round and personalized volunteer placements that ensure that the skills and interests of each volunteer, no matter what their age, is taken into consideration.