Volunteer Abroad in a Group - VMG Groups

VolunteerMatch Ghana arranges tailor-made trips suitable for groups from all areas of society: high school students from the same class or grade, college students from the same major or university department, sports team of all ages, medical students and other health and pre-health degrees, work colleagues, service clubs, or even a group of friends or family looking to volunteer and make an impact together.

VolunteerMatch Ghana’s custom group trips, we can offer groups of five or more volunteers the option to customize a program to suit their exact goals and interests. These trips can range in length from one week to several months, depending on the time you have available and visa requirements in the destination country.

Organizing group service trips for schools, companies, and other organizations !

Most of the options we offer for individual volunteers are can also be tailored for groups. First you will need to choose the region you would like to go to and the project you are interested in helping abroad as a group of volunteers. Once you have a basic plan - or need help deciding - please contact us us and we will work to arrange a custom group trip to fit your needs, guide you on group pricing, and instruct you on the best way to apply for your group. Whatever your idea for volunteering abroad, we can help! If you have a group that is interested in doing something not mentioned on our website, please talk to us to find out if we can set up a custom program for you. With our years of experience working around the world, we usually have the connections and the know-how to make your ideas a reality!

Why arrange a custom group trip with VolunteerMatch Ghana?

Custom group trips are for groups of five or more participants from the same school, company, or other organizations to all volunteer together in the same location. We offer the same important services for groups to ensure you are well prepared and looked after for your trip. At VolunteerMatch Ghana our priority is always the welfare of our volunteers. All volunteers receive our excellent safety and backup support, including 24-hour emergency assistance from our local team of directly-employed staff. For groups, we have dedicated group coordinators helping you throughout your trip. We are happy to address your specific concerns in advance and can provide a customized risk assessment for you, assessing project sites, accommodation, transport, and the local environment.

An overseas volunteering trip allows students or employees to:

• Experience working in a diverse team environment, with local staff as well as fellow peers

• Experience cultural immersion in an environment vastly different to their home country

• Learn to be innovative while working in places with limited resources

• Gain insight into problems that affect developing countries

• Understand the value of giving your time to help others

• Develop leadership skills, resourcefulness, and creativity through daily challenges

• Develop team building skills working alongside fellow volunteers

• Take part in a unique bonding experience that will benefit the group long after their return

A group volunteer trip can benefit the school or company by :

Establishing lasting relationships with organizations in developing countries

• Supporting underprivileged communities in a structured and worthwhile way

• Building a legacy of positive action in developing communities

• Developing a global outlook and understanding among students and employees

• Developing a socially conscious and proactive student body or employee culture

• Open the door for future group service experiences, at home and abroad