Payment for VolunteerMatch Ghana program fee

Being transparent and making sure VolunteerMatch Ghana volunteers understand the value they receive for their Registration Fee is important to us. We know that our volunteers work hard to save or fundraise for their volunteering & internship abroad experience and we believe in being open and honest about what our costs go towards.

At VolunteerMatch Ghana, we offer very affordable program fees with high-quality service and a level of transparency to all our volunteers and intern. The program fee covers the cost of decent home-stay accommodation, meals, airport pick-up, orientation and in-country program support during your entire volunteer stay.

Our program fees are determined according to the length of stay and the kind of program. Volunteers are required to pay a deposit to secure their placements. The deposit is NOT-included as part of the program fee, it is an application fee you pay in advance to reserve a spot for you.

At VolunteerMatch Ghana we work hard to ensure we can provide volunteers / inters with world class volunteer / internship programs at affordable prices. As the world’s most popular volunteer travel organization, we receive access to heavily discounted program fees for our VolunteerMatch Ghana volunteers, meaning it is always cheaper to volunteer through VolunteerMatch Ghana.